Morriston of Yesteryear

Photos and memories of Old Morriston submitted by readers to this web site - last update 9th September 2018 Latest update here

Carmel Chapel Cricket Club - Season 1912

This photo was submitted by Merlyn Williams, originally from Morriston who now lives in Yellowknife, Canada. Merlyn's grandfather William John Williams was a deacon at Carmel and he believes he helped build the Chapel.

Martin Street School Play 1951

This photo again from Merlyn Williams was of a production of St. George and the Dragon performed in 1951 at the Forward Movement Church on Woodfield Street.
The 'actors' from left to right are John Morgan (Sion Y Banc), Ambrose Thomas (Twm Sing High), Gren Thomas (Twm), Merlyn Williams (Will the Dragon), Dennis Francis (St. George), Talfryn Griffiths (the Damsel with the viel) and Alan Williams (Beelzebub).

Woodfield Street Scenes

Looking North

Looking South

View of Morriston from Brynrock

The above 3 photos were submitted by Alberta Stevens (nee Gordon), who's grandmother Lizzie East was a well known photographer in Morriston

People of Morriston

These gents are sitting on the seat outside the Forward Movement Hall in Woodfield Street. The photos were submitted by Sue Nelson (nee Harris) and she thinks it would be around the 1940's or 50's.

Sue's uncle, Fred Hopkins, is the only one without a cap on. He lived in the Mill Cottage (attached to the Mill House Pub) on Cwmbath Road. He was blind but used to pump the bellows for the organ at the Forward Movement Hall.

Some readers may recognise some of the other men in the pictures.

Thomas the Lan

This was William Thomas of Lan Manor, who became Mayor of Swansea in 1877. The photo was taken in 1878 in his Mayoral regalia and below is a newspaper cutting from the 'South Walian' in Nov 1896 which was stuck to the reverse of the main photo. It gives a glowing account of his service to public life in the mid and late 1800's.

This photo again was submitted by Alberta Stevens.

A Poem by Susan Nelson

I'm sure that this poem will bring back many memories to many people who grew up in Morriston in the 50's and 60's.

I don't know when I found it
But it was in my second decade,
That I followed previous generations,
And began The Monkey Parade.

We'd start at the Top by St. John's Church
And walk down Woodfield Street,
We'd try to look smart and interesting,
With stilletoes and winkle pickers on our feet.

We'd look in all the windows,
And study all the range,
We'd start at Woolworth and end at Kitty Jones,
And were quick to spot any change.

And as we walked down during the daytime,
Those shops looked a wonderful sight,
Maybe we were going shopping then,
But we only thought of the night

And as I stand here reminiscing,
My thoughts return to my young days,
I think of the shops that were in Woodfield Street,
And the places for Songs of Praise.

The wooden floors in Woolworth,
That made your shoes clip clop,
And further down there was Woodleys,
Where you'd buy your joint or a chop.

Remember Hunts the bakers,
And the lovely smell of his pies,
And the lofty spire of Tabernacle,
That seemed to reach for the skies.

And opposite there was the department store,
To buy stockings, or material straight off the loom
And when you gave your cash to pay for your things,
It went whizzing around the room.

Led Davies for Cycles,
Broken biscuits at John Bull
And I remember the Forward Movement,
There were times when that was full.

Cinemas, now that's another thing,
Our Town had two of them,
I saw Seven Brides for Seven Brothers at the Regal,
And the Student Prince at the Gem.

Evan Glyn the Paper shop,
Now his window was always full,
And if you were fond of knitting,
You went to Llewellyns for wool.

Now pubs there were loads of them,
Always one near and handy,
I remember going for my very first drink,
Twas the Lamb & Flag and a ginger beer shandy

Now we didn't have a Supermarket,
We had small shops for all our nices,
We had Maypole, Lipton, and Harry Stores,
And we shopped round for all the best prices

There were many bargains at Sayers,
And Greeps for a pot or a pan,
And Bakers had plenty of vegetables,
Not forgetting Ces the Milk Man

You could get your furniture in Albany,
The Dorchester for lovely flowers
Baby clothes at London Hosiery,
I could keep going here for hours

Now our clothes were a different thing,
But you could buy you shoes at Penhale,
But for anything really fashionable,
T'was to Town for the C. & A. Sale.

At the Cross there was Pompas Café,
You could buy sweets or a box of Chocs,
But what I remember most of all,
Was the coffee and the old Juke Box.

You could make a coke last for hours,
We had so many small joys,
We'd listen to 60's music,
And share our time with the boys

As a youngster I had a talent,
Which my parents used to Inspire,
Those were the days I used to sing,
And was a Soloist in the Ladies Choir

Yes I remember Morriston,
In those days not so long ago,
What happened to all those people,
Where did those old friends go

So I joined the Guild to look for them,
And now I've a request you see,
Cos I'm happy since I've been here,
Do you think the Drama group has room for me?

Many thanks Sue for sharing your wonderful poem with us.

Men of Steel

Two more photos from Merlyn Williams. These are the steelmen of one or both of the Steelworks in Morriston having a well-earned break.

The works in question were The Dyffryn Steel and Tinplate Works and The Worcester Tinplate Works. The Worcester works later merged with The Upper Fforest Tinplate Works and became known as The Fforest and Worcester Tinplate Works.

Maybe some relatives of these men may know where they worked

Update May 2011 - Merlyn Williams has been informed by the great grand-daughter of the man on the right of the above picture that his name is John Thomas Rees, and in the following photo sent in by Barbara Rees of the Martin Street Rugby Team which shows her late husband Gareth Rees, he was in fact the grandson of John Thomas Rees in the above photo. What a co-incidence.

Team of 1953

This photo of Martin Street School rugby team 1953, was sent in by Barbara Rees who together with her husband Gareth, emigrated from Morriston to Western Australia in 1977.
Gareth is the one in the lower left hand corner of the photo, but sadly he passed away after a long illness in 2003.
Does anyone know any of the other members of the team?

Peacock's Stores

This photo of the manager and staff of Peacock's Stores in Woodfield Street was submitted by Jeff Lang. His mother worked in the store as a young woman and is 7th from the right in the picture.

Jeff estimates that the photo was taken about 1930.

Morriston Council School

This photo of Morriston Council School was taken in 1911 and was submitted by Paul Rees of Swansea. Paul's grandfather Ivor Rees is in the photo.
Paul is currently researching his family history and wondered whether anyone had information about the Rees family who lived in Market Street, Glantawe Street, Wychtree Street and Clyndu Street.
Anyone with any information can contact me via the link below and I'll pass on the information to Paul.

Dyffryn Steelworkers

These were Stonemasons and labourers taking a break from their work at the Dyffryn Steel and Tinplate Works in 1947. The photo was sent in by John Thomas who grew up in Birchgrove, attended Morriston Comprehensive Shool and emigrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1988.

John's grandfather, Thomas Thomas was a stonemason and is in the top row of the photo, second from right.

Sunshine Corner

This photo of the children of Elim Church (Sunshine Corner) Wychtree Street taken in 1943, was sent in by Noreen Todd (nee Finselbach) who used to live in Wychtree Street. I'm afraid that Noreen didn't include any further information.

Maybe someone else can provide some more details about the photo.

Martin Street

This photo looking up Martin Street from near the Duke Hotel was sent in by Jan Clatworthy, whose family used to own the Swan Hotel. The tram lines can clearly be seen as they pass the Swan Hotel on the right in the 1920's.

Jan's father, Denzil Clatworthy, was brought up in Morriston before emigrating to South Africa. Jan now lives near London.

Carmel Chapel Operetta

Merlyn Williams sent in this photo of an Operetta entitled The Royal Jester which was performed at Carmel Chapel Vestry in 1951.
The gentlemen seated from left to right are Mr Roberts, Minister of Carmel, Willie Evans, Gwilym Rees and the young boy in the front is Ambrose Thomas (Twm Sing High)

Star Laundry Girls

Noreen Todd (nee Finselbach) sent in this and the following 6 photos.
This photo was taken about in 1957 and shows Noreen (2nd from left) with Sal Thomas, Edna Jones and Hilda Bateman taking a well earned break.

Football Team

Noreen's brother Billy is 2nd from left front row, in which she believes could be a Birchgrove team in the 1950's. Maybe someone can confirm this?

Neath Road Infants School

Noreen estimates that this was taken in about 1940.

Coronation Party

A party in Wychtree Street to celebrate the Coronation.
Noreen's mother, Betty Finselbach (nee Cery) is the 3rd from the right, front row.

Neath Road Youth Club

A splendid photo of a very popular Neath Road Youth Club taken in about 1950.

Christmas Party - Dyffryn Club

Happy times at a Christmas party in the Dyffryn Club in the 1960's.


A formal portrait of Noreen's father George Finselbach (standing) and her uncle Dai taken in about 1930.
They lived at that time in Neath Road.
Many thanks Noreen for sharing these wonderful photos with us. Noreen was brought up in Wychtree Street, but now lives in Clydach.

Morriston Carnival

Another photo submitted by Merlyn Williams, this one of the Morriston Hospital Nurses entry in Morriston Carnival of June 25th 1963.
The nurses involved are standing from left to right; Joyce Williams (nee Lewis), Ann Kilpatrick, Margaret Jones, Mair Gibson, Gillian Hopkins, Kirky, Maralyn Magoogan and Margaret John.
Seated; June Powell, Pat Feivan, Dorothy Llewellyn.
A great bunch of Care Givers.

On the theme of Morriston Carnival, these two photos are of Jeff Lang in the carnivals of 1953 and 1954 (approx). Jeff is the guard on the right of the picture, I'll say no more!!!

Morriston Council School

Another photo of Morriston Council School this one of the Infants Department, Group II taken in 1915.
The photo was submitted by Jackie Evans whose father, William Glyndwr Rees (known as Glyn) is in the photo, 3rd from the right in the 2nd row.
Jackie's grandparents, David and Sarah lived at 114 Glantawe Street all their married lives and her father, Glyn was also born there.

Lan Street Parties

Andrea Atkinson (nee John) sent in this photo together with the following 2 photos of events held in Lan Street in the early 1950's.
This photo (the date written on the back is 13th July 1951) shows Pastor Trevor Lloyd of Pentremalwed Mission with his wife Myfannwy.
Andrea's mother Margaret John, is seated on the right wearing the apron.
Andrea believes the young man standing behind her is Michael Phillips, perhaps other visitors to this site can recognise the other people in the photo.

Lan Street

Another photo from the party in Lan Street on the same as day as the photo above. The Union Jack is flying but Andrea isn't sure the reason for the party. Can anyone remember this occasion?
Andrea's mother Margaret (pointing) has Muriel Hover behind her.

Children's Parade

This photo shows a children's parade with Andrea John second from the left front row, with Joan Kerkin on her right. Andrea thinks that the little boy next to her is Richard Harding.
The reason for the parade is not known, but could it possibly be to celebrate the Queen's Coronation? Any-one know?
Many thanks Andrea for sharing these photos with us. Andrea was brought up in Morriston, but now lives in Scotland

Carmel Chapel Cricket Club - 1924

Another photo of Carmel Chapel Cricket Club, this time it's the 1st & 2nd XI from the 1924 season.
The photo was sent in by Mike Isaac whose grandfather William Isaac is on the far left of the second row of the photo. Mike was brought up in Morriston but has now emigrated to Waunarlwydd!

Verse Chorus - Martin Street School

A photograph of the Verse Chorus of Martin Street School in 1951 submitted by Merlyn Williams (3rd from left front row).
I wonder if you can recognise any of the other 'angels' in the photo?

More Morriston Scenes

The Cross

Pentrepoeth Road

Woodfield Street

Crown Street

The above 4 photographs were submitted by Barbara Hill of Ynysforgan.
Barbara is a keen collector of old photos and postcards and these are genuine postcards two of which have previously been posted complete with 1d stamps on the back.
Barbara was born in Hayes, Middlesex as her father left Manselton to find work in London. He soon returned with his family to Swansea and when Barbara married Dave Hill they lived in various parts of Swansea before settling in Ynysforgan 30 years ago.

Many thanks Barbara for sharing these photos with us

Pentrepoeth School Football Team

A photograph of the Intermediate team during the 1947-48 season.
Rear left to right, Mr Gwyn Griffiths (teacher), Mr Daniels (Headmaster), Mr Edward (Teddy) Jones (teacher)
Back Row: Dai Lewis, John Alford, Stan Davies, Dai Powell, Dai Pugh, Des Gray.
Middle Row: Terry Hanney, Roy Williams, Lyn Davies, Ray John, Joe McNeil.
Front Row: Dai Roberts, Brian Gilchrist.

Salvation Army Sunday School

A very old photograph of the Salvation Army Sunday School in approx 1922.
The sender's mother Bessie May (Jessie) Bellew is on the teacher's left, her sister Beryl is directly behind the teacher and another sister Muriel is in the front far left of the photo. They were all born in Graig Terrace, Morriston.

Tinplate Workers

These workers of the Dyffryn/Worcester tinplate works taking a well-earned break in the late 1940's.
The sender's mother Jessie Davies (nee Bellew) is third from right in the back row.

The above three photos were sent in by David Lynn Davies originally from Cwmrhydyceirw now living on the south coast of Nova Scotia.

Many thanks Lynn for sharing these marvellous photos with us

Martin Street Scenes

The two photos above were submitted by Barrie Mitchell whose father Oswald took them in the 1950's. The Mitchell family lived 2 doors up from the Post Office in number 34a Martin Street (now no.79) and Barrie lived there from 1945 to 1965 and now lives in Wrexham.
How different today's scene is comparing the amount of traffic on the road.

When Barrie submitted these photos, he thought it might be interesting to see them joined as one, so with the aid of modern technology, I had a go and came up with the following.

Keen eyed viewers will have noticed that the boy now appears twice in the the same photo!!

Thanks Barrie for the photos and the idea.

Martin Street School

The two photos above were submitted by regular contributor Merlyn Williams, of a Martin Street School Production "A Trip to Egypt" in 1952.
Can any readers recognise any of the Egyptians?

Duke Hotel

A photo of a familiar landmark in Morriston, The Duke Hotel (now The Duke's Arms) taken in about 1940.
This was submitted by Martin Griffiths whose grandparents, Gordon and Millie Griffiths were licensees at the time the photo was taken. Thanks Martin for this fine photo.

King's Head Hotel

This photo was sent in by Brian Morgan who now lives in Cardiff of what he believes is the King's Head Hotel in Banwell Street at the start of a Peace Outing in July 1919.
Brian thinks that his grandfather William James Sayce (also spelled Saice) is the man standing just under the first name John on the licensee sign over the door at the age of 38 but is not absolutely sure and wonders if anyone can throw more light on the photograph.
Brian was born in Treboeth in 1939 went to Pentrepoeth Infants and then Martin Street School, until 1950, then in Swansea Grammar/Bishop Gore/University College Swansea, leaving there in 1960 to work in England for a while, then back to Neath, then Cheshire, then Herefordshire and finally back to Cardiff in the eighties.

Carmel Chapel Tea Party

This photo of a Tea Party held in Carmel Chapel Vestry in Cwmbath Road around 1961, was submitted by Nancy Craven.
I'm sure quite a few local people will recognise themselves in this photo. Thanks Nancy.

Welcome to Town Public House

This photo shows the Welcome to Town public house which was situated on the corner of Slate Street and Woodfield Street.
This was taken in the early 1960's as the Regal Cinema in the background was demolished in 1963 and a year or two later the pub was demolished as well.
The photo was submitted by Graham Clark, a fellow member of the Camera Club. Thanks Graham.

Morriston Orpheus Choir

The three photos above were submitted by Les Ryan, organist of Morriston Orpheus Choir and Life Member.

The top photo is the original first photo of the Choir when it was formed in 1935 taken outside Pentrepoeth Boys School.
The middle photo shows the Choir following their success in winning the 1948 National Eisteddfod at Bridgend.
The bottom photo was taken before the Choir's appearance at the Royal Command Performance at the London Palladium with Harry Secombe in 1957.

Many thanks for sharing these old photos with us Les.

Photographs and memories of the Roberts Family

This photograph shows the teachers of Pentrepoeth School around the 1920's. Willy Roberts (the sender's grandfather) is seated on the left.

A photo of Willy Roberts probably outside his house in Vicarage Road in 1915.

The sender's grandmother, Olive Roberts with Class 2 of an unidentified school, possibly in Morriston.

The three photos above were sent in by Michael Prestwich, a retired professor of history in Durham.
His mother, Menna Prestwich, née Roberts, was an Oxford don who also taught history and came from Morriston. Her parents were Willy and Olive Roberts who appear in the photos above.
They lived in Vicarage Road and then moved to a house in Clasemont Road which backed onto the golf course. Michaels grandfather Willy, had a career in teaching ending up as headmaster but also taught music at his house.
His brother Lewis, was a violin maker (see for some very interesting information about Lewis Roberts).
Michael has memories of staying in Morriston in the early 1950's; his grandfather died in 1954 and soon after that Olive sold the house and moved to Oxford.

Many thanks Michael for these fine photographs and your memories of the Roberts family.

A Collection of Photographs from Gloria Lloyd - Part 1

The following photos have been supplied by Gloria Lloyd (nee Thomas) who was born in Vicarage Road, Morriston on VJ Day 1945.
Her father Aubrey Thomas, was born in Lan Street but moved to 57 Vicarage Road at the age of 6 months and lived at that address until his death at the age of 82 in 1995.
Gloria has amassed a collection of 24 old photos which she has submitted to this feature and I will be posting them in batches over the next couple of weeks.
Many thanks Gloria for sharing these wonderful photos with us and I'm sure many readers of the feature will know someone in the photos.

This photo above shows pupils of Pentrepoeth Boys School in about 1924. Gloria's father Aubrey is the boy standing on the bottom left in front of the teacher.

This photo above shows the teachers of Neath Road School in 1927. Gloria's grandmother's sister is 2nd from the right, back row.

Above - Morriston Boy's School 1899

Above - Pentrepoeth Boy's School 1928. Gloria's father's brother, Tom is in this photo.

Above - Morriston Cricket Club. Gloria's father is 4th from the left, back row. Ivor Craven (behind the sign) was the father of Gwynfor Craven who was very involved in cricket in the area and served as Glamorgan Cricket Club Chairman from 1984 to 1987 and later as it's President.

A Collection of Photographs from Gloria Lloyd - Part 2

This photo above shows the annual outing of the Ministry of Works. Gloria's father Aubrey is the 1st on the left, kneeling.

This formal family portrait above shows Gloria's grandparents, Lizzie Ann and Hayden Thomas with their children Tom (on Lizzie's lap)
and Gloria's father Aubrey standing. Hayden Thomas was killed in Cwmrhydyceirw Tunnel in March 1945

The photo above is of Morriston Ladies Choir in the early 1960's. Miss Lillian Abbott the choir's founding musical director is sitting behind the cake, Mrs J T Morgan on her right and Carrie Davies on her left. Gloria is fourth from the right.

The photo above is of Carmel Chapel Cantata in the 1950's.

Above - Carmel members celebrating Mr. Roberts the Minister, 21 years of service to the Chapel.

Above - Graig School pupils celebrating St. David's Day in the early 1950's.
Back Row from left - Margaret Harris, Marilyn Thomas, Lyn Powell.
Front Row from left - Sandra Lewis, Ann Lewis, Marilyn Mann, Gloria Thomas.

A Collection of Photographs from Gloria Lloyd - Part 3

Above - this is a Graig School outing to Morriston Park. Gloria is 1st on the right and some other names are: Linda Mort, Ann Fear, Ann Lewis, Janet John, Ken Ellis, Ken Rees, Gwilym Hughes, John Evans and Carol Thomas.

This photo shows a production of 'Jan of Widmill Land' a concert by the Children of Horeb Chapel.

The Coronation in 1953 as celebrated by the residents of Vicarage Road. The Hawian Lady in the front is actually Terry Williams a former Mr. Universe.

The same celebrations but as a procession along the road led by Mr. Scully.

This photo shows Gloria (1st on left) and other student nurses on Ward A at Morriston Hospital in their first year of training at Christmas.
The lady in the white coat was Maisie Ellis the sister of Sid Ellis who was associated with the Hospital League of Friends.

Off to War. Mr Roberts of Carmel Chapel presents a young soldier (the son of Mr & Mrs Griffiths) with a gift before his return to war. Unfortunately he never returned.
The house in the background was Lang's Fish Shop. Gloria's parents and grandmother are in the photo together with many cousins and neighbours.

Update - Paula Flynn has contacted me to provide some further information on the photo above. Paula who lived at 47 Vicarage Road (Langs) from 1958-1973 which was next door to Mr & Mrs Griffiths who were the parents of the soldier, said that he did indeed come back from the war, but a family argument kept him away from home. After Mr Griffiths died, Mrs Griffiths and her daughters did try to find her son but could not find him. A sad story indeed. Thanks Paula.

Morriston Ladies Choir in Slate Street before journeying to the National Eisteddfod in Rhosllanerchrugog in the early 1960's.

Partying on Coronation Day 1953 in Cwmbath Road

Children having fun also on Coronation Day.

Update - Merlyn Williams has identified several of the children in the above photo. Left to right rear row: Merlyn Williams, Terry Henderson, Keith Webber, Alwyn Edwards.
Left to right front row: unknown, Stephen Rees, unknown, Hugh Morris, Nigel Hatherway and far right, Mary Thomas.
Behind Merlyn's head is his Aunty Bessie Morris and moving right Willie Bevan aka Lady Bevan and Merlyn's father Trevor Williams. Thanks for the information Merlyn.

Above - Morriston Ladies Choir concert at the Forward Movement Hall, Woodfield Street.

This photo is pretty unique. It shows 7 brothers queing for their old age pension at Morriston Post Office.
The 2nd from the right is Ted Davies known as 'Ted the Sweep' from Cwmbath Road.

Update - Thanks to my cousin Gwyneth Evans (nee Davies), she has given me the names of all the brothers. Left to right: William, Samuel (Gwyneth's grandfather), not sure of the order of the next three, but there is Jerry, Jack and John, then Ted and finally Bryn. Thanks Gwyneth.

Another photo of the seven Davies brothers.

Class photo at Neath Road Girls School. Ted the Sweep's granddaughter Mary Thomas is 3rd from left, middle row.

The above are the final batch of photos submitted by Gloria Lloyd. I'm sure they have given much pleasure to all that have seen them and brought back many memories.
Grateful thanks for sharing them with us all Gloria.

Little Engineers

This photo again from Merlyn Williams was taken in Graig School yard in 1947.
From left to right: John Lewis (Slate St.), Marlais Hughes (Crown St.), Gren Thomas (Lan St.), and Merlyn Williams (Lan St.).

A collection of photographs supplied by Jim Lloyd (Gloria Lloyd's husband)

A view across the old Wychtree Bridge. On the corners are two well known pubs of the time, 'The Bush' on the right and the 'Nags Head' on the left.

The Morriston Chamber of Trade's first Annual Outing 1919 starting from outside Walter Williams's shop, 95 Woodfield Street.

A view of the corner of Clase Road and Neath Road in 1925. In the background is the old Wychtree Bridge and the Dyffryn Works beyond.

Morriston Cross about 1929. These old buildings were demolished in 1956 and the present block of offices and shops erected in their place.
Other reminders of the Old Cross are the tramlines, the traffic signals in the middle of the road and on the left, a popular meeting place, Pompa's Cafe.

St. John's Church square 1930 - the heart of the original Morriston. The hoardings on the left carry posters for the local cinemas.

Pentrepoeth Road 1929. A view down towards the Cross shortly before the road was widened on the left-hand side.
The right-hand side remains much the same except the building in the centre (behind the telegraph pole) was demolished to make way for the new Public Library.

Many thanks Jim for sharing these wonderful photos of old Morriston with us.

Neath Road School

The above photo was submitted by Philip Morgan of a class at Neath Road Infants School in about 1956.
The boy on the telephone in the middle of the picture was he believes Michael Lewis and Philip himself is standing to the right with a 'grumpy' look on his face as he clearly recollects that he wanted the phone!
Also in the picture is one of the Fisher boys in the back right corner with glasses, but Philip can't remember if this was Ian or Robert...their father was Fisher the Coal from Wychtree St. In the front is Bobby Seaman (head tilted back) and in the very back row, fourth from right is Teifion Griffiths.

Philip grew up in Wychtree Street and his father had a greengrocer's shop in Woodfield Street, Haydn Morgan, Fruiterer & Greengrocer. Philip was ordained a priest in the late 70's and served as Curate of Morriston (the church he grew up in) under Rev. Kenneth Price. Philip and his family have lived in the US (currently Virginia) since 1984 where he is currently 'Vicar of Rapidan, VA'.

Many thanks Philip for sharing this photo with us and everyone who lived in Morriston will remember with great fondness your father and his shop in Woodfield Street.

Morriston Quoite Club

The above photograph taken in about 1920 was submitted by Sarah Daniel whose great, great grandfather Samuel Demery is seated in the front row, second from the right with beard.
He died of a brain hemorage in 1922 at the age of 75 while watching Swansea Town play Merthyr at the Vetch Field.
His obituary appeared in the Evening Post, see below.

Many thanks Sarah for sharing this photo with us and thank you for informing us that Morriston had a Quoite Club.

Morriston Tinplate Works

A great photo of the workers of Morriston Tinplate Works sent in by Lyndon Smitham. His grandfather, Sid Lewis of Margam Avenue is far right front row. Thanks Lyndon and look forward to some more old photos from you.

Elizabeth Maria East – (Lizzie East)

The following 6 photos were submitted by Raymond Fisher and were all taken by Lizzie East (Nee Ware) who was a successful photographer in the early 1900’s and had a studio at her home on the corner of Caemawr Road and Clyndu Street, Morriston known as Part Lan Studio.

Elizabeth Maria East

The above is a Carte de Visit (CDV) or ‘calling card’ which were exchanged between friends and clients on social and business visits to each other’s homes.
This particular CDV is pre 1912 before Lizzie married Charles East. She is listed as ‘Photographer’ in her own right at the age of 18 in the 1901 census.

CDV Reverse

This is the reverse of the CDV above and used for advertising purposes.

Postcard 1

This is an unused Postcard with Lizzie East Photographer Morriston on the reverse.

postcard 2

This is an unused Postcard with Lizzie East Cae Mawr Morriston on the reverse.

postcard 3

Another unused Postcard with Cae Mawr on the reverse.


A Postcard with Salvation Army links with the message below on the reverse

Salmay card reverse

The message on the reverse of the Postcard above. Lizzie’s Studio name is just visible running up the left hand side of the card.

Ernest Madge Photographer – Morriston

Some further excellent photos submitted by Raymond Fisher this time by another local Morriston Photographer, Ernest Madge. His studio was in Woodfield Street, Morriston and again he was taking professional photographs from the early 1900’s.

Madge 1

Another CDV, this one is of Eleazer Jones of Thomas & Jones, Builders of Morriston. On the reverse is his name, and husband to Ellen Lewis, grandfather to Alwyn.

Madge 2

Another small CDV with just the number 386 on the reverse.

Morriston by Earnest Madge

A Postcard looking from the Graig over towards Llansamlet. Before the advent of colour film, it was usual to hand-colour black and white photographic prints and this is a good example.

Many thanks Raymond for sharing these fine photographs with us.

The following photographs were sent in by Mrs Cath Billings, daughter of the late Dr & Mrs Jagger of Strawberry Place Surgery Morriston,
who's brother Robert was a neighbour and good friend of mine when we were growing up together as schoolboys in the 50's and 60's.

Cath now lives in Sheffield but has kept several photos of the time she grew up in Morriston which she would like to share with viewers of this site.

5 Strawberry Place

5 Strawberry Place 1976
This was taken in 1976 and as many will know is completely different these days.

Forward Movement Production
Forward Movement Production

Cath is unsure about what this occasion was, but she recalls she was in junior school
and was one of the narrators of the production in the early 1960's

Southsea Trip

Southsea Trip

Another group photo this time of a trip to Southsea with a group from Morriston. Cath's grandmother is in the front row.

Carnival Time

Carnival time 1

A couple of Morriston Carnival photos – Rob Jagger (left) & me (Jeff lang) in early 1950's

Carnival 2

and another

Carvnival Time 3

Yet another, this time with my cousin Gwyneth Evans (nee Davies) and someone with an ice-cream photobombing us!

Carnival Time 4

Finally a photo of the Carnival Fairy Queen being crowned by Mrs E A Danino in 1963 with Mrs Mellor, Mrs Edmunds and Cath's mother, Mrs Jagger.
Thanks you Cath for sharing these wonderful memories with us.

The following group of photos was submitted by Peter Jones of Ynysforgan. Peter’s late father Leonard Jones, was an avid collector of old Pictorial Post Cards and also a keen photographer himself and after sorting through his old photos, Peter has kindly agreed to share a number of these so that they can be enjoyed by fellow Morristonians.

Len Jones

len jones

Len was a member of St. John’s church and this was taken on the tower of the church in 1948

Brothers Len and Roy Jones

Brothers Len and Roy Jones

This was taken at the Graig – 1948

Group Photo

Group Photo

Again on St. John’s tower. Len is in the white shirt

St. John’s church Bellringers group


At St. John’s church vestry 1946.

Left to right - ? , Albert ?, Len Pelzer, Arthur Hoare, Len Jones

Len and girlfriend

Len and girlfriend

On tower of St. John’s church again

Some Postcards of old Morriston




Hand Coloured Postcard

Hand coloured postcard 1904. Church Street Is now called Morfydd Street.



The bell in St. John’s church tower.

Martin Street

Martin Street

Martin Street

Autie Maries China Shop – 68 Martin Street.

Autie Maries China Shop – 68 Martin Street.
Len’s mother Maggie Hannah on the left, Mary Hannah Grey centre and Emlyn Roger Davies onthe right.

Cravens Hairdresser – 65 Martin St.

Cravens Hairdresser – 65 Martin St.

Mr Lewis ‘Butcher’ – 69 Martin Street

Mr Lewis ‘Butcher’ – 69 Martin Street

Group Photos

Morriston Infants School, Standard 1 – 1939

Morriston Infants School, Standard 1 – 1939
Len is 2nd left sitting in front

Martin Street Boys School – 1930’s

Martin Street Boys School – 1939-40
Len’s brother, Royston is 2nd from right in front row.

Presentation to Avelock McCreadie after Dunkirk 1940

Presentation to Avelock McCreadie after Dunkirk 1940
Len’s mother Maggie Hannah Jones and four of her five sons (Albert, Myrddin, Royston and Leonard) are in the photo. Len is far right with his auntie Hilda. This photo was taken in the garage of Graham Harris in Banwell St.

Avelock McCreadie presentation.  He was later killed in action in France 1944

Avelock McCreadie presentation. He was later killed in action in France 1944
Presentation made by Rev O J Rees curate of St. John’s church. Left to right, Jenny Robertson, George McCreadie, Barbara McCreadie, Rev Rees, Tom McCreadie, Mrs McCreadie, Havelock McCreadie and Harriet Nelson.

The following are photos of a procession near St. John’s church heading down Woodfield St. It’s unclear what was the reason for the turnout or the date.




Procession - Banwell Strret

This one is in Banwell St.

Tircanol Tinplate workers

Tircanol Tinplate workers.
Len’s father, George Jones is sitting 3rd from left.

The following two photos are of Dingle RFC

Dingle RFC 1921-22 season

1921-22 season.
Lens’ father George Jones is far right in back row and Len’s uncle Ernest Jones is 4th from left in 2nd row down.

Dingle RFC 1922-23 season

Dingle RFC 1922-23 season.
Len’s father is 2nd from right in back row.

And Finally

Len’s student bus pass 1946

Len’s student bus pass 1946

Many thanks Peter for allowing us to share these wonderful memories created by your father Leonard Jones

The following group of photos and poem were submitted by Linda Donne (Nee Thomas) of Morriston. Linda is the sister of Gren Thomas a very close friend of Merlyn Williams who was as many may know, the instigator of the ‘Morriston of Yesteryear’ section of this website. Thank you Linda for sharing these photos with us.

The two photos below are of Soar Chapel Concerts

The two photos below are of Soar Chapel Concerts

The two photos below are of Soar Chapel Concerts

Some names that Linda recalls are:
Christine Mountfield, Hazel James, Gerald Williams, Avril Thomas, Linda Thomas, Kathleen Williams, Julie Bidder, Barbara Thomas, Clive James and Hilary Dodd.

Festival of Britain Celebrations at Lan Street

Festival of Britain Celebrations at Lan Street

Linda’s grandmother Annie Thomas is on the far left. She was born in the Red Lion.

Festival of Britain Celebrations at Lan Street

Back Row: Linda Thomas (in high chair), Eira Griffiths, Maureen and Iris John.
Front Row: Avril Thomas, Carol Griffiths, Meryl Jones, Brenda Chattin and Val Harding.

Pastor Trevor Lloyd with Mrs John, Jean Jones, Michael Phillips with his mum, Maggie Thomas and Gwen Jones

Pastor Trevor Lloyd with Mrs John, Jean Jones, Michael Phillips with his mum, Maggie Thomas and Gwen Jones

Some names that Linda can remember are Mrs John, Hetty Morgan, Gwen Jones and Maggie Thomas

Some names that Linda can remember are Mrs John, Hetty Morgan, Gwen Jones and Maggie Thomas

Coronation Celebrations 1953 in Lan Street

Sisters Avril and Linda Thomas wearing Union Jacks, also Richard Harding as ‘Wee Willy Winkie’

Sisters Avril and Linda Thomas wearing Union Jacks, also Richard Harding as ‘Wee Willy Winkie’

Ossie Thomas in striped shirt with Llew Charles next to him. George Jones as the fairy and Gren Thomas and Neville John in front row.

Ossie Thomas in striped shirt with Llew Charles next to him. George Jones as the fairy and Gren Thomas and Neville John in front row.

Morriston Rugby Club 1935-36 Team

Linda’s father Ossie Thomas – tallest man back row right, and middle with ball is his cousin Haydn Thomas

Linda’s father Ossie Thomas – tallest man back row right, and middle with ball is his cousin Haydn Thomas

Scouts at Bath Road

Gren Thomas is far right, Hywel Donne is far left.  Eira Griffiths (now Horton) in front.

Gren Thomas is far right, Hywel Donne is far left. Eira Griffiths (now Horton) in front.

Cubs and Scouts at Camp

Cubs and Scouts at Camp

Sitting on wall of 17 Lan Street

Linda Williams, Gren Thomas, Brenda Chattin, Avril Thomas and Geoff Williams

Linda Williams, Gren Thomas, Brenda Chattin, Avril Thomas and Geoff Williams

Morriston Carnival early 1960’s

Gren Thomas in bowler hat, Tal Griffiths 2nd from left, Phil Thomas 3rd from left

Gren Thomas in bowler hat, Tal Griffiths 2nd from left, Phil Thomas 3rd from left

The Cross on Carnival Day

The Cross on Carnival Day

The Cross on Carnival Day

Pentrepoeth School early 1950’s

Back row far left is Avril Thomas

Back row far left is Avril Thomas

Graig School Concert

Graig School Concert

Gren Thomas back right, Merlyn Williams centre

Neath Road School class photo around 1964

Neath Road School class photo around 1964

Back Row: Christine Bradley, Maralyn McFadean, Ceryl Jenkins, Ray Lloyd, Denise Mills, Francine Jenkins, Linda Hacford, Pam Dempster, Maureen Davies.
Middle Row: Head Teacher Nest Richards. Susan Robertson, Carol Laing, Gillian Evans, Ann Poole, Gloria Morris, Sue Simms, Teacher Miss Tainch.
Front Row: Pat Owen, Linda Morgan, Glenys John, Vivienne Walters, Christine Bubear, Glenys Jones, Christine Haeney.

Morriston Railways early 1060’s

Morriston East 1961. Closed 1984/85, lifted 1990

Morriston East 1961. Closed 1984/85, lifted 1990

Morriston West 1963. Closed 1964, lifted 1965

Morriston West 1963. Closed 1964, lifted 1965

Looking towards Morfydd Street.  Lower canal bridge still there protected by Cadw

Looking towards Morfydd Street. Lower canal bridge still there protected by Cadw

Dyffryn Steel & Tinplate Works

An excellent photo of this important works originally built in 1874 by

An excellent photo of this important works originally built in 1874 by Daniel Edwards & J Davies trading as Daniel Edwards & Co. It closed in the late 1970’s.

Pentrepoeth Sec. Mod. School

Pentrepoeth Sec. Mod. School

Presentation Day 1951

Finally a poem written by Linda Donne in 2011 of her recollections of growing up in Morriston

Finally a poem written by Linda Donne in 2011 of her recollections of growing up in Morriston

Thank you Linda for those wonderful pictures and the beautiful poem.

Pics of my gran's shop (Greta Wood) - London Hosiery Company, 27 Woodfield Street. Some time in early - mid 70s I'd guess.

27 Woodfield St

27 Woodfield St

27 Woodfield St

27 Woodfield St

Thanks Steph for sharing these pictures with us.

If you have any old photos or any memories of Morriston and you would like them to be included in this page, please get in touch with me, Jeff Lang, by clicking HERE.

Thank you.