Morriston Camera Club
Affiliated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through The Welsh Photographic Federation





Tutorial Index

These are tutorials produced as part of our zoom meetings.

Basic General Knowledge - beginners

1. Storing and retrieving files

a. The importance of a filing system.

b. Catalogue systems (lightroom etc.) and how they work

2. JPEG or RAW

3. Batch renaming of files

4. Preparing images for submission

5. Understanding Image Size and Resolution

6. Preparing PDI Images.

a. In Photoshop

b. In Lightroom Classic

Pictures to Exe

1. Preparation.

2. A Basic Slideshow.

3. Adding a title

4. Showing panoramas.

5. Creating Movement

6. Creating a third image (in Photoshop)

7. Adding Audio

In conversation two useful addresses were mentioned -
Musopen and Free Stock Music as a sources for Royalty Free music and Faststone for resizing images.