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A trip to the Black Country Living Museum

Saturday, 7th July 2012

Black Country Living Museum

The clubs annual one day trip was held on Saturday 7th July to the Black Country Living Museum. The weather forecast wasn't good for the day so we were all prepared to get wet for the love of photography, but apart from a couple of light showers we were ok and dry. The museum itself was a great place for photography and judging by the comments on the return journey a good day was had by all.


A few of our members did get plenty of the wet stuff but it was going inside them rather than out. One of our members was able to get a shot of a rare moth it was the Paraguayan people poisoning moth well that was the name given to it by Kevin who by this time had got a soaking on the inside and the real name was only found the next day. It turned out to be an Elephant Hawk Moth and a cracking image it was.

Elephant Hawk Moth

After a great day in the Museum we headed for Chepstow our regular watering hole where a nice meal was had and a few more drops of the falling over liquid went down. On the journey home there was a stunning sunset over Swansea and West Wales, and the singing on the bus was then drowned out by the sound of shutters going off and so ended a good day out.

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