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Field trip to Rhandirmwyn.

12th October, 2014.

P davies. 12. Oct. 2014


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We met at the usual time of 8.30am at Asda car park on Sunday 12th October and headed off to the very picturesque Rhandirmwyn. near Llandovery.

Those present were Carol Anne Williams, Carol Watson, Patricia Loughman, Dorothy Beddows, Jennifer Williams, Alan Cosker, Peter Davies, Midge ( not sure of his correct name ) and myself.

The journey from Swansea, took us around one hour,and when we arrived I suggested that we went for a coffee as the spot we were heading for was quite remote, around 8 miles further up the valley behind Llandovery. The Cafe we went to was familiar to me as a Bikers cafe,where a lot of motorcyclists stop off.

Peter Davies and Myself couldn't help admire a stunning example before entering for some refreshments. Several Bacon and Egg sandwiches later, we departed for our destination,Rhandirmwyn. I had stumbled upon this spot by accident a few years back,and is one of my favourite spots, a real hidden Gem. We parked up at the side of the road and walked across to a view of a spectacular waterfall, where we all took some shots. Several of us then decended to the rivers edge where we tried out some long exposure shots using tripods and neutral density filters. At this point Peter Davies and myself got a bit carried away, and had to force ourselves back to re join the group.

We then headed up to Llyn Brianne Dam, which was not far to get some more photos. Llyn Brianne was quite spectacular, but the better shots were had just a mile or two further up the road. Time was now catching up with us, and as several of use started to feel a bit peckish we then decided to look for a pub or somewhere to get something to eat. There was not anything nearby that was open so we headed back to Llandovery to the Bikers cafe, where we knew we could get something.

After lunch, I suggested that we went across the road to a Church that looked interesting. There were some interesting grave stones, and angels at the church and we finished the day at this spot taking quite a few shots. Another nice day out, with good company and plenty of laughter, can't wait for the next one !

Tony Llewellyn.

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