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February 2017 PDI Competition
Theme "Open"

Judged by Gareth Martin

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Joint 1st - 20 points
Ian James - Pebbles

Ian James

Paul Branchflower - Storm rider

Paul Branchflower
Storm rider



Joint 2nd - 19 points
Barry Nichols - Investigating

Barry Nichols

Mike Clatworthy - Helvetia

Mike Clatworthy

Tony Llewelyn - Dartford wabler

Tony Llewelyn
Dartford wabler


Joint 3rd - 18 points
Ian Keevil - Cold snow scene

Ian Keevil
Cold snow scene

Brian Ballard - Chain

Brian Ballard

Bill Grey - Pulpit stairs

Bill Grey
Pulpit stairs

Ian Keevil - Cormorant reflection

Ian Keevil
Cormorant reflection

Richard Walters - Light cord

Richard Walters
Light cord

Paul Dennis - Potters hands

Paul Dennis
Potters hands


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