Morriston Camera Club
Affcomp-sub-sectioniated to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain through The Welsh Photographic Federation
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February 2012 - Theme "Open"


Joint 1st


Cheryl Owen

New Window into Old

Cheryl Owen

Backdraft(HMS Diamond)

Mike Weaver

Chcomp-sub-sectionds Play

John Kavanagh


Ynyscedwyn ironworks

Jeff Lang

Joint 3rd

Eagle Owl at Perriswood

Kline Morris

Botaurus stellaris (Bittern)

Clive Davies

The Craftsman

John Kavanagh

Golden Pheasant

Tony Llewellyn

Juvencomp-sub-sectione Night Heron - USA

Judy Farquharson



3 into 1

Clive Davies

Joint 2nd

Winter sunset

Eric Davies

Clockwork Helicopter

Eric Davies

Beachfront property

John Hopkins

Joint 3rd

The white house

Kline Morris

Full leaf

Terry Williams

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October 2012 - "Broken"

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December 2012 - "Abstract"


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