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Morriston Camera Club on Port Talbot Walk

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On Sunday 18th November 7 members of Morriston Camera Club (MCC) led by Mr. Gareth Martin (and Pugwash !! ) went on a photographic walk in the hills and forest above Port Talbot. Club Members all know Gareth as an accomplished photographer and judge who visits MCC on many occasions.

We all met at 9.30am at the small parking area just off the M4 at Ten Acre Wood near Margam Park, we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day with the temperature about 6 ° C. The total party also consisted of two gentlemen photographers from Bridgend as invited friends of Gareth.

Suitably attired with Lowepro camera bags/gaters/walking boots and supplies we started off at a leisurely pace in a westerly direction through muddy terrain with the ‘Margam Gorsedd Stones’ on our left. Some lovely images were available here with the morning light shining through the last remaining contrasting coloured leaves of autumn. After about 30mins. We started to have doubts on the decision to make this trip when we were faced with a very steep stepped terrain which soon tested the lungs and leg muscles of all present (except Pugwash !! ). Fortunately, with cameras at the ready it was appropriate every now and again to stop, take a few shots and have a rest – this lasted for about 15 mins. At this stage of the proceedings Gareth led us through a gap in the trees where we were subjected to a wonderful ariel view of the steelworks and M4 motorway, in the distance Mumbles and The Devon coast could also be seen – a just reward for the earlier struggle.

We then proceeded in an easterly direction on a fairly flat grassy terrain arriving at a concrete ‘look out post’ where it was decided to stop for a drink and some lovely welsh cakes provided by the ‘Three Degrees’ (Marie-Eileen and Cheryl).

After this well earned rest we proceeded on our way and were rewarded with some lovely shots from all around. At this juncture Gareth led us to an area which is claimed to be a spot which was a ‘look out’ spot for that scoundrel Napoleon.

With the wooded area now on our right we started to descend and for those with creative and photographic minds(all from MCC) were rewarded with some lovely shots which kept everyone in a happy and joyful mood. We were now approaching the last quarter of the journey.

Gareth then led us via a metalled road to a small stoned building which he claimed to be a ‘Monks Bath’ – although the lovely fresh spring water was evident, I couldn’t see any back scrubbers or bars of Palmolive soap in evidence !!

Another short climb and we arrived at the old ruin of the Monks church and lovely ariel views of Margam Abbey and The Orangery.

A short trek through the woods and our journey was over, we were back at our cars, remarkably it was 1.30pm but all agreed it was 4hrs. Of very rewarding effort, both physically and photographically.

After giving our thanks to Gareth (and Pugwash!!) who had been been a wonderful guide – they departed to their home in Baglan, The Three Degrees to their homes in Glais and Clydach, but ‘The Four Tops’ – Myself, Kevin, Tony and Gordon agreed that after the short journey back to Morriston the day needed something to satisfy.... mans inner needs – a visit to the local watering hole ‘The Red Lion’. This allowed us to reflect on a lovely day with the help of a pint of Carling Cold.

Club Members Present:

Kevin Walters Marie Cooper
Tony Llewellyn Eileen Francis
Gordon Timlin Cheryl Owen
Richard Walters (Author).  

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