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The Day Went to Oxford

Saturday, July 6th, 2013



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Our annual day trip this year was to Oxford. I think the committee were trying to educate Us, but the miracle never happened.

We were all dressed for warm weather as this was the forecast, to the surprise of all it was misty and grey in Swansea but this changed after we crossed the bridge, and things started to warm up. On arrival in Oxford it was hot, sizzling hot.

Some members headed to the local watering holes to watch the British Lions. Those who braved the streets of Oxford and the beautiful architecture were met with crowds of visitors from across the globe; this along with the high contrast made it a challenge to take good images but we all tried, some with more success than others. Others just found places to cool down and avoid the swarms of teenage visitors.

By the time 4.30 come we had all had enough and boarded the bus to escape back to somewhere a little cooler and quieter so, back down the motorway we headed to the Plough Inn on Marlborough Road, Babury, for an excellent meal and drinks with first class service. Thanks to the staff there for that. So back on the bus we headed back to Swansea, along the journey home we were treated to some beautiful evening light that made a few members grab their cameras, those who were asleep just dreamed on, and I wonder if there was a few crocodiles and alligators in Margam lake in those dreams.

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