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Gnoll Country Park Visit
25th March 2013.

Morriston Camera Club - Gnoll  Country Park Visit  25th  March 2013

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Nine members joined our trip organiser Kevin Walters on this our third location in recent times to give members of our club an opportunity to get out and take photographs with people who can assist them. The other members present were Jeff Lang, Tony Platt, Cheryl Owen, Brian Ballard, Paul Dennis, Terry Williams, Graham Clark, Tony Llewellyn and yours truly Richard Walters.

In view of the recent arctic conditions all present were suitably attired with scarves, gloves and appropriate layers of wool. Tony Platt took the award for the best dressed photographer as his choice of headgear made sure that those protrusions on each side of his head were adequately protected. In fact, if he had exchanged his Canon 7D for a pick axe you would have mistaken him for ‘Nanook of the North’ !!

We all commenced walking up into the woods away from the lake area in front of the cafe. Our aim was to reach the spectacular cascading waterfall which is about half an hour trek and climb up through the woods. We soon spread out into two’s and three’s each hoping to be the first to spot that perfect shot. With the cold weather we soon found some interesting icicle shots and frozen blades of grass. After climbing for about 15 minutes we were all beginning to warm up a bit and as we approached the top reservoir most of us were quite comfortable. At this point a high stone wall gave us a wonderful display of frozen water, icicles and creeping ivy to make the shots more interesting.

The cascading waterfall was approached by some from the top end down and others from the bottom up. Unfortunately, an excessive amount of fallen trees and lack of colour at this time of year made an overall shot of the complete fall difficult, but there were plenty of spectacular shots of flowing water taken at different shutter speeds to test the more creative snapper.

The variety of routes back to the car park produced some lovely late in the day sunshine and shadows to test all present.

By 4.15pm we all congregated in front of the lake, hoping to catch a brew in the cafe, trust our luck it closed at 4pm !! At this juncture those interested had a session of instruction from Tony Llewellyn on how to photograph ducks, swans and birds including flash photography – well done Tony.

We all then went our different ways home and all agreed it was a worthwhile afternoon of photography.

Richard Walters

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