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Motor Cycle Racing at Aberdare Park

Saturday, July 28th, 2013

Motor Cycle Racing at Aberdare  Park


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The Hairless Bikers Roadshow

Seven members of Morriston Camera Club braved the elements on Sunday 28th July to test their photographic skills at the Motor Cycle Racing at Aberdare Park.  Our Vice Chairman Kevin did his usual thorough preparations with a recce of the park some weeks ago, so we all met up at the prearranged meeting place of Ynystawe Park at 9am. Those joining Kevin were John Kav, Rob Davies, Richard Walters along with our Chairman Jeff Lang,  Oh Yes !  out of the undergrowth appeared Gordon Timlin and Ben Wiles. All were equipped with waterproofs and camera bags ready for the off.

Within half an hour we arrived at Aberdare Park, parked up at the nearby car park and walked the short distance to the entrance to the sounds of highly tuned racing engines and the wonderful aroma of Castrol ‘R’.  Once inside, the less competent of us had a few words of advice from Kevin regarding the skills required for ‘panning’ to produce the ideal result of ‘sharp bike/ blurred background’. All spectators are on the inside of the track, so we all set out in different directions and arranged to meet up after an hour to have a coffee and share experiences.  I was lucky enough to tag on to Kev, after several attempts and producing track –no bikes or track and half bikes blurred ,one realised this is bloody difficult. By perseverance and loads of images dumped in the trash bin I started to improve and had enough success to give me some encouragement.  When we met up for coffee we all agreed that to produce the shot of the day was going to prove difficult. I must say a cappuccino with a drizzle of chocolate was very welcome.  The meeting at this juncture  had an hour’s break – termed as a ‘Church Break’ -  the event taking place on the day of the Sabbath in the centre of Aberdare the organisers paid their respect.

Unfortunately, at this juncture our day became less productive because we  experienced two heavy precipitations which seriously affected conditions and our enthusiasm, also we all were bloody soaked !!
After  a short spell trying to catch the spray tailing the bikes we all agreed it was time to call it a day.  Kevin had booked a late Sunday lunch at ‘The Rock and Fountain’ near Resolven where we all retired to share our experiences over a cool beer.
It was agreed by all that this ‘panning ‘  technique is very difficult to perfect.  The attached images show that some had better success than others.  I must admit on returning home my best effort needed a bit of help from CS5  !!

It was also agreed by all that it was a good day out. Let’s try other similar events like Motocross, Trotting and Point to Point meetings.

Richard Walters.

PS:  Well Done Kev.

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