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We are a friendly, diverse and active camera club. We challenge, inspire and help all our members to improve their photographic skills through our structured, relevant and enjoyable, annual programme of activities.

News and Updates


Bill Stephens Memorial Trophy.

Paul Branchflower, our External Competitions Secretary, is requesting PDI’s from all members who wish to participate in the selection process for this themed competition. The deadline for PDI submissions to Paul is 6 October.

Full details in our latest Newsline Extra

Member's Galleries. Paul Branchflower has add his gallery and Carl Monger has updated his. Please look.

If any Member wants to create or update their Gallery, please contact the webmaster.

Three Castles Challenge 2018

During August we held our first Photographic Treasure Hunt.

23 members took part in 7 vehicles, giving us 7 teams for our competition evening on our return to club on September 1st.

The Treasure Hunt and subsequent judging proved very successful. Here are images from the day.

Well done to the 3Plus1 team who took the honours.

Competitions 2018

Next years competition details have been published and available on our website. Details here.

Please note the judge for the PDI Competion on the 29th September will be Andy Leslie from Landybie.


Newsline. The latest Newsline has just been published with details of the changes to the programme for September to December:

As always we are gratefull to Carole for her hard work. Thanks Carole. An index of all Newsline/Newsline Extra can be seen here.

The online programme has been updated and can be seen here

Member's Galleries. Howard Evans has added his successful AWPF panel to the gallery and Paul Dennis has updated his gallery. Both are well worth a look.

If any Member wants to create or update their Gallery, please contact the webmaster.

Change of programme. Instead of our advertised "Show your Summer images" we will see images from the seven teams who took part in the Three Castles Challenge. There will also be prizes for the winners. So no need to bring your sticks! Paul will also be showing our chosen entries for the Neath 5-way battle.

Full details are in Carole's latest Newsline

Don't forget we will also be collecting the half year subs.


Newsline. Carole has just published the "Welcome Back" edition of Newsline:

As always we are gratefull to Carole for her hard work. Thanks Carole. An index of all Newsline/Newsline Extra can be seen here.

On1 Effects 10.5 software has been made available for free download.
There is a newer version available to buy, so they have obviously released version 10.5 as a way to attract buyers for the newer software at a later date.
Here is the link:

Newsline Update

Newsline Update. The latest Newsline Update contains details of Friday's Fieldtrip:

As always we are gratefull to Carole for her hard work. An index of all Newsline/Newsline Extra can be seen here.

Ian James - Playing Catch   Brian Howell - It's All In the Eye   John Campbell - Not My TrainJohn Campbell - Not My Train

June 2017 Print Competition. There were winners galore in the June print competition with no fewer than thirteen prints gaining 18pts or more. Three members gained full marks on the night - Ian James, Brian Howell and John Cambell. Diana Ashill gave us an informative night with her judging. The top entries can be seen here.

Print Mounting

Our Club's Vice Chairman, Kevin Walters has kindly supplied notes to be used in conjunction with his talk on Mounting Prints. You can find it here.

Newsline Extra

Newsline Extra. Carole has just published a new edition of Newsline Extra with details of the print mounting/Field Trip on June 9th and Print Critique and Buffet on June 23rd:

As always we are gratefull to Carole for her hard work. Thanks Carole. An index of all Newsline/Newsline Extra can be seen here.

39th Welsh International Salon of Photography 2017

The 2017 Welsh International Salon of Photography is now open for entries here.
The Rules are visible on the entries website or you can read them here.
The closing date is 19 August 2017.

Photography on the Rocks! by Clive Edwards

Photography on the Rocks! by Clive Edwards. Club member Clive Edwards has written a very interesting article on photography and geolgy, two of his passions. This can be recommended to all, so please read. The article can be found here

Howard Evans - A clean cut   Allen Willcox - Support for the Manchester sinkhole   Norman Sleep - Power industry

May 2017 PDI Competition. Three Members; Howard Evans, Allen Willcox and Norman Sleep, gained 20 points in this month's PDI Competition on the theme "Industry". The competition was judged by Jenny Hibbert who gave us an enjoyable and instructive evening. The top entries can be seen here.

Newsline and Newsline Extra

Newsline and Newsline Extra. Carole has just published a new edition of Newsline, and a Newsline Extra. Both can be seen by clocking:

As always we are gratefull to Carole for her hard work. Thanks Carole.

John Campbell - Scissor Arches   Dennis Russ - The Station

May 2017 Print Competition. Congratulations to John Campbell and Dennis Russ for gaining 20 points each in May's Print competition with the theme "Arches". Ian Ledgaurd was our judge for the evening which left everyone biting their nails! The top entries can be seen here.

Annual Exhibition

Norman Sleep - OLD MAN OF STORR
Winner, Peoples Choice


Our 2017 Exhibition was held in the Crypt of St. David's Church, Morriston, our usual meeting place. This year we introduced a "People's Choice" award, voted on by visitors to the exhibition. The winner was Norman Sleep, with Peter Fry and Tony Llewellyn as runners up. These and most of the exhibited images can be seen on our Exhibition Page.

Ammended Programme - 9th June


Mounting Prints.This date is currently programmed as a Field Trip, but we intend to modify the programme to provide a PRINT MOUNTING TUTORIAL for those who want it. For those members who do not want to attend we will still offer a local field trip (weather permitting). Both the tutorial evening and the local field trip will begin at our normal time and venue, at 7.00 pm at St. Davids Church.

Blists Hill Competition


Nuts, Bolts and Nails. For all those who attended the successful trip to Blists Hill on the 6th May (thanks Marie) and who wish to submit their masterpices on the above theme, please send your images to Mike Clatworthy ( by the end of May. The competition will be judged by Richard Walters. Good luck to all you nutters!

Please note that your images should be in jpeg (.jpg) format and should be retitlewd to XY_Title.jpg where XY is your competition code and Title is the title of your image. See section 4 of the PDI guidelines for full details.



Newsline Extra has just been published. An update with news of interest to members concerning our Annual Exhibition, Drop-in workshops and field trips. Once again we are grateful to Carole for the time she puts in creating the newsletter, along with her day job as Programme secretary. The latest edition can be found here.

Richard Walters - Back Lit  

April 2017 Print Competition. Richard Walters hit the jackpot this month with his stunning picure of a backlit tree. Brian Coleman was the judge and the top entries can be seen here.



Second edition of our newsletter. Carole has just published the secend edition of our newsletter. You all should have received it via email, and the current edition can be found here. You will also finf an archive of past issued. Well done Carole, and our thanks.

Welsh Salon 2017. Entries for the Welash Salon are now closed.

Additions to Programme.

14th April - In addition to the print framing there will be a Survey Results Presentation

21st April - There will be an option of a field trip meeting at 7pm at the Norwegian Church, Swansea Marina.

Leader of the pack   Cauldron   Early Risers

Welsh Salon 2017. Congratulations to Paul Branchflower who gained acceptence of three images in this year's Salon. The images can be seen here.

One Day Trip. The one day trip this year will be to Blists Hill Victorian Town on May 6th. There is still room so if you wish to go, please see Marie or Richard. The cost is £34 for adult and £31 for seniors.



Our new newsletter. We have just launched a new newsletter for all members. Members are invited to contribute with news of awards, achievements, tips, items for sale (photography related) and any other relevant information. The current edition can be found here. Thanks to Carole Evans, our Programme Secretary for producing this excellent newsletter.

Welsh Salon 2017. Entries for the Welash Salon are now closed.

Paul Branchflower - Frost at the rapids  

March 2017 Print Competition. Paul Branchflower came out top this month with a worthy winner. The competition was judged by Leigh Woolford who gave us an informative night. The top entries can be seen here.

Ian James - Pebbles   Paul Branchflower - Storm rider

February 2017 PDI Competition. Gareth Martin was the judge for our February PDI competition, and with 66 entries did an excellent job, giving thoughtful critique to all the entries. Ian James and Paul Branchflower came out on top of a strong field. The top entries can be seen here.

Dennis Russ - Follow the River   Janet Horbury - Morning Stroll   John Campbell - Vesturhorn Sunset   Tony Llewellyn - Steaming and Streaming       

February 2017 Print Competition. There were four members who gained the full 20 points this month. Dennis Russ, Janet Horbury, John Campbell and Tony Llewellyn. Congratulations all. The competition was judged by Tim Fearnside. You can see all the winners here.

Amended Trip 2017 The 5 day trip to Norfolk and one day trip to Blenhiem Palace have bee cancelled. The trip to Blists Hill will now take place on the 6th May.

Winners, Guest and Chairman

Presentation Evening, 2017

On Friday 27th January, 2017 we held our Annual Presentation Dinner at Morriston Golf Club, when our guest, Mr. Kevin Thomas presented awards to Tony Llewellyn, the Print Photographer of the Year, Ian James , PDI Photographer of the Year, Norman Sleep, Best Improver, together with the Chairman's award for the year 2016 - Paul Dennis.

More photos of the evening here.

Website of the month for September 2017. Here is a site which is a good source for nature reserves in our area. First Nature Cymru.

Site of the month is provided by member Paul Dennis.

There is an archive of past Websites of the Month here.

Any member with news they whould like to see in this section, please email Paul


Special Features -

Morriston 'Then & Now'

'Morriston of Yesteryear' and the 'Morriston Forum' now ready and waiting for your comments

Morriston Camera Club are grateful to the Arts Council of Wales for the Lottery Fund Grant awarded to the Club

Members Information

Next Competitions

Print - Theme "Doors, Doorways & Gateways". Hand in by September 22nd. Judged by Kevin Thomas  on October 6th, 2017.

PDI - Theme "Open", hand in by midnight, September 15th. judged by Rob Mitchell on September 29th .Please send entries to pdientries@
and no other e-mail address should be used.
See guidelines and aide-memoire below

All Upcoming competitions (2017)

Submission Guidelines

NOTE: for complete rules see here.

Print entries


Projected Digital Images.

An aide-memoire which covers the rules, image sizes and how to resize your images along with instructions on how to name your files can be found here.
It is your responsibility to ensure that the criteria in this document are met, if not your image may be rejected.

A guide to resizing your images can be found here. (PDF Format)